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The Using Process of Surgical MPH Absorbable Hemostatic Particles


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Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2002, Singclean Medical has been dedicated to the innovation of absorbable biomaterials, and now has 20 years of expertise in the industry of absorbable biomaterials and ranks among the top 3 Chinese Manufacturers and one of the world’s leading innovators in this industry. Singclean has evolved from device makers to problem solvers. We provide 8 series of products (medical sodium hyaluronate gel products, chitosan products, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel products, microporous polysaccharide products, oxidized regenerated cellulose products, in vitro diagnostic reagent products, collagen sponge, regenerative medicine engineering basic material products) with 50 varieties which are exported to more than 120 countries around the world, such as: Italy, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, Chile.

Surgiclean® is indicated in surgical as an adjunctive hemostatic device to assist when control of capillary, venous, and arteriolar bleeding by pressure, ligature, and other conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical. · Made from plant starch (potato) · Reverse phase emulsification cross-linking technology · Space net microstructure with a diameter between 30.8 and 97 μm · EO sterilization · Metabolize in vivo, excellent biocompatibility Surgiclean® Advantages: 1. SIMPLE · No mixing and no refrigeration · Ready on demand · Pop the cap and apply powder directly to the bleeding site 2. SAFE · Over 810,000 pcs have been used and no adverse event reported ·100% plant based, thrombin free, biocompatible and non-pyrogenic · Finally degraded into water and carbon dioxide. It can be fully absorbed within 14 days 3. Effective · Clotting process begins on contact regardless of patient’s coagulation status · Complete Hemostasis is achieved within minutes (normally 1 minute) · Provides broad area coverage on rough surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas Subscribe: @singcleanmedical967 | Check Our Website: Follow Us INS: FB: Business Email: #singclean #hemostatic #stopbleeding #surgery #surgicalinstrument #surgical


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