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Singclean® Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device


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Release time: 05-17 16:23

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2002, Singclean Medical has been dedicated to the innovation of absorbable biomaterials, and now has 20 years of expertise in the industry of absorbable biomaterials and ranks among the top 3 Chinese Manufacturers and one of the world’s leading innovators in this industry. Singclean has evolved from device makers to problem solvers. We provide 8 series of products (medical sodium hyaluronate gel products, chitosan products, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel products, microporous polysaccharide products, oxidized regenerated cellulose products, in vitro diagnostic reagent products, collagen sponge, regenerative medicine engineering basic material products) with 50 varieties which are exported to more than 120 countries around the world, such as: Italy, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, Chile.

Sodium Hyaluronate OVDs can help achieve excellent chamber maintenance during phacoemulsification and intraocular lens (IOL) insertion and removal due to their higher viscosity and molecular weight. 2. Minimize the interaction between instrument and tissue and absorb shock, protecting the corneal endothelium while maintaining exceptional clarity.


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